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Army day ArmeniaJanuary 28 is National Army Day in Armenia.

But the celebrations marking 20th anniversary of the Armenian Armed Forces got underway on Friday, as President Serzh Sargsyan awarded medals and decorations to several participants of the Karabakh movement. Also, a number of military servicemen received officer’s ranks. Decorations and medals were awarded to over seventy men in arms, and more than one-hundred servicemen will receive the President’s medals and certificates at their military units.       

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Viktor HambartsumianViktor Hamazasp Hambardzumyan (Վիկտոր Համբարձումյան) - Famous scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist and one of the founders of the field of theoretical astrophysics.

He was born on 18 September, 1908  in Tbilisi (in Armenian family) and died on August 12, 1996 in Byurakan.His father was the philologist and writer Hamazasp Asaturovich Hambardzumyan, the translator of Homer’s Iliad into Armenian.

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Garik MartirosyanGarik Martirosyan (Гарик Юрьевич Мартиросян, Գարիկ Մարտիրոսյան) - famous showman, comedian and TV presenter etc.

He was born on February 14, 1974 in Yerevan, Armenian SSR. In 2002 he graduated from Yerevan State Medical University with a degree in neurology. Worked three years in a psychological hospital. From 1993 to 2002 was a member (captain from 1997) of the New Armenians team of the Russian TV show KVN.

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Hrant Dink Istanbul MarchMore than 10,000 protesters marked the fifth anniversary of a Turkish-Armenian journalist's murder on Thursday, January 19, as outrage continues to grow over a trial which failed to shed light on official negligence or even collusion.

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Sergei Parajanov photoIn the framework of World Cinema Series Armenian film Director Sergei Parajanov’s The Color of Pomegranate was presented in Singapore’s National Museum on Thursday.

The film was shown in Armenian with English subtitles. The presentation was organized in Singapore’s National Museum in the framework of Cinémathèque program.

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Gevorg VardanyanLegendary secret agent, Soviet hero Gevorg Vardanyan died at the age of 87 in Moscow on Tuesday.

Vardanyan could come into direct contact with the agents’ group of the Interior Office in Tehran in 1940. He headed the special group revealing the fascists in Tehran and revealed more than 400 people, having connection to the fascists.

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Sergei ParajanovSergei Parajanov was born in Tbilisi, Georgia. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Cinematography. He shot a number of films. But it was Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (renamed Wild Horses of Fire for most foreign distributor), a film created in 1964, made Sergei Parajanov world-famous.

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lebanon armeniansArmenia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Ashot Kocharyan, visited Wednesday the retirement home and the special school for children of the Center for Armenian Handicaps in Lebanon (CAHL), and the Lebanese-Armenian community’s Zvartnots Center for Armenian children with mental disabilities. 

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F.HasselquistThere are interesting observations and information about Armenian people in traveling notes of Swedish botanist and physician Fredrick Hasselquist (1722–1752) “Iter Palaestinum” first published in 1757.

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Campinas-cityOn December 16 the City Hall of the Brazilian city of Campinas (Sao Paulo) officially informed the Armenian Embassy in Brazil that , Mayor Demétrio Vilagra signed the resolution on recognition of the Armenian Genocide adopted by the City Council on November 20.

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Armenia With YouThe film made by AZD Production features the civilization charm and peculiarity of the Armenian people. The three-hour documentary film-guide acquaints viewers not only with Armenia’s historical-cultural monuments and sights but also with the joy, sorrow, national psychology and traditions of the people having a history going back thousands of years.