About – Smbat Minasyan

Smbat Minasyan is the Founder of Armenian-History.com (armhistory.com)

Historian, International Relations Specialist

PhD in Armenian History, Master and Bachelor Degrees In International Relations.

2009-2017 Associate Professor at the Yerevan State University, Faculty of International Relations.

Author of the Scientific Book: “Armenians in the North Caucasus in 1918-1920”, Yerevan 2016, Republic of Armenia.

Author of more than 200 scientific and public articles about the Armenian history and international relations.

Founder of Armenian-History.com

A Note from the Author

Smbat Minasyan
Smbat Minasyan

I started working on Armenian-History.com project from 2003, when I was a student at the Yerevan State University.

At that time it was very hard to find any content about Armenian history and Armenia on the internet.

Even though I was studying International Relations, Political Science and History at the university I started learning HTML, CSS and other programming languages. After few months, in 2002, I started development of the Armenian History website. It took almost 6 months to finish the first version of the Armenian-History.com website.

On 2003 I bought Armenian-history.com domain and launched the website. Since then Armenian-history.com is online.

With time, the website became quite popular. From personal small website it transformed into a big Armenian History project, where other scholars also published their works.

Currently, Armenian-History.com is one of the main sources of the Internet where you can find information, maps, analytics and images connected to Armenian History, today’s Armenia and Armenians.

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