Armenian Diaspora

Due to the loss of Armenian statehood and numerous foreign invasions, Armenian communities have formed in different countries and regions. In the fourth century, Armenian communities already existed outside of Greater Armenia.

As a result of the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923), hundreds of thousands of survivors found refuge in various parts of the world, forming what is known today as the “Armenian Diaspora.” The Diaspora further expanded due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the ensuing economic and regional turmoil. Today, the Armenian diaspora refers to communities of Armenians living outside of Armenia. 

In Armenian, the diaspora is referred to as Spyurk (Սփյուռք)․

Today, an estimated more than 7 million Armenians live in more than 100 countries around the world. The Armenian Diaspora is diverse and complex.

The total Armenian population living worldwide is estimated to be 11,000,000

Regions with significant Armenian population

History of Armenian Diaspora (Spyurq), Armenian Colonies (գաղթօջախներ)


Romania – Armenians in Romania


Egypt – Armenians in Egypt

Indonesia – Armenians in Indonesia

Iran – Armenians in Iran

United States of America

Armenians in Florida

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