Armenians in Florida

Armenians in Florida, USA
Armenians in Florida, USA

Number of the Armenian population of Florida (USA)

Florida (state) – 25,000

Boca-Raton, FL – 2,400

Orlando, FL – 850

Armenian Churches in Florida

St. David Armenian Apostolic Church (Boca Raton, FL)
St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church (Hollywood, FL)
Mission Parish: Armenian Church of Jacksonville (Jacksonville, FL)
Mission Parish: Armenian Church of Southwest Florida (Naples, FL)
Mission Parish: St. Sarkis Armenian Church (Ocala, FL)
St. Haroutiun Armenian Apostolic Church (Orlando, FL)
St. Hagop Armenian Apostolic Church (Pinellas Park, FL)

Florida legislators have recognized the Armenian Genocide on the state level. Gubernatorial proclamations as well as state and local legislation are provided below since 1990.

Florida citizens also played an active role in assisting Armenian Genocide survivors through the Congressionally mandated Near East Foundation, during the years 1915 – 1930. 

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