Jivan Gasparyan

Djivan Gasparyan At A World Music Institute Concert

Jivan Gasparyan – Master of duduk, Armenian musician and composer, People’s Artist of Armenia October 12, 1928 – July 6, 2021 Jivan Gasparyan (Djivan Gasparyan), Armenian: Ջիվան Գասպարյան, Born in Solak, Armenia to parents from Mush, Jivan Gasparyan started to play duduk when he was six. In 1948, he became a soloist of the Armenian […]

Necropolis of Armenian Royal Family Found in Urfa (present Turkey)

Graves and mosaics were found in the rock during archaeological excavations near the castle, located in Urfa (Present Turkey) According to the Turkish website Karar.com, archaeologists suggest that during the excavation, they found the tomb of the family of king Abgar. They believe that 10 members of his family are buried in the tomb.

Armenian Legions In Roman Army

Armenian Legions In Roman Army

Armenian Legions in Roman Army Legio Prima (I) Armeniaca, Legio Secunda (II) Armeniaca Legio  Prima (I) Armeniaca –  Armenian First Legion “Legio  Armeniaca” translated from Latin as “Armenian Legion” and “prima” as “first”. Armenian First  Legion was one of the later period Roman empire legions. This Legion is mentioned in the late-antique text known as […]

Armenian heavy Cavalry (Ayrudzi)

Ayrudzi, Naxarars cavalry, Armenian horseman, horse archer From the ancient times in Armenia exited “Azatavrear” cavalry which consisted from elite of Armenian tribes, later from elite of Armenian people. “Azatavrear” cavalry was the main part of Armenian kings court. Later, in medieval “Azatavrear” cavalry or Armenian heavy cavalry was collected from nobles (youngest sons of Armenian lords) […]

Medicine in Ancient and Medieval Armenia

Armenian medicine, which has a history of some 3000 years, has created a rich treasury of natural medicaments. Medicine is an inseparable part of ancient Armenian culture and its roots come from deep in the past. Relying on folk medicine and its sources, it accumulated the experience and knowledge of many generations of Armenian physicians […]

History of Armenian Diaspora (Spyurq)

Armenian diaspora Spyurq

Armenian Diaspora Due to the loss of Armenian statehood and numerous foreign invasions, Armenian communities have formed in different countries and regions. In the fourth century, Armenian communities already existed outside of Greater Armenia. As a result of the Armenian Genocide (1915-1923), hundreds of thousands of survivors found refuge in various parts of the world, […]

Armenian legendary secret agent died

Legendary secret agent, Soviet hero Gevorg Vardanyan died at the age of 87 in Moscow on Tuesday. Vardanyan could come into direct contact with the agents’ group of the Interior Office in Tehran in 1940. He headed the special group revealing the fascists in Tehran and revealed more than 400 people, having connection to the […]

Armenian President’s gift to Armenians of Lebanon

Armenia’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Ashot Kocharyan, visited Wednesday the retirement home and the special school for children of the Center for Armenian Handicaps in Lebanon (CAHL), and the Lebanese-Armenian community’s Zvartnots Center for Armenian children with mental disabilities. 

Campinas (brazilian city) Recognizes the Armenian Genocide

On December 16 the City Hall of the Brazilian city of Campinas (Sao Paulo) officially informed the Armenian Embassy in Brazil that , Mayor Demétrio Vilagra signed the resolution on recognition of the Armenian Genocide adopted by the City Council on November 20.