Steve Jobs’ attitude toward the Turks and Armenian Genocide

Steve JobsRecently several Armenian news agencies have published an interesting articles concerning Steve Jobs’ (“Apple” corporation founder) Attitude toward the Turks and Armenian Genocide.

One of the articles (from

“What Turkish tour guide Asil Tuncer said, with respect to Apple Inc.’s founder, the late Steve Jobs’ visit to Turkey, caused great uproar in the country. The guide claimed that Jobs considered the Turks as enemies, and he did not even shake hands when bidding farewell to the tour guide.

Tuncer noted that when they had approached the Hagia Sophia, in Istanbul, and he had told that it was a church at first but then it was turned into a mosque, Steve Jobs had asked: “You, Muslims, what did you do to so many Christians? You subjected 1.5 million Armenians to genocide. Tell us, how did it happen?”

And the Turkish tour guide’s denials further infuriated Steve Jobs, who left Turkey one day early.

To note, in Steve Jobs’ biographical book it is written that, after the Armenian Genocide, his step-mother, Clara Hagopian, had emigrated from Malatya, Turkey.”

Apple Inc.’s legendary founder had lost his battle to cancer on October 5, at age of 56


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