Bagaran – Capital of Armenia

Bagaran – Capital of Armenia

Bagaran (Amur, Dicavan), literally meaning “God’s Place”, was founded at the end of the 3rd century BC by the last Ervandian king Orontes (Ervand) IV. It became spiritual center of Armenian kingdom. After the end of Ervanduni dynasty Bagaran lost its importance.

When the Bagratids took control of the region in the 9th century Bagaran became their political center. During the reign of Ashot Msaker Bagratuni Bagaran became capital of Bagratid Armenia (Barony). During the reign of Ashot II Bagaran became the capital of Armenian kingdom. But soon Smbat I transferred Armeniancapital from Bagaran to Erazgavors.


In 1045 Bagaran as all Bagratid Kingdom occupied by Byzantine Empire. 2 centuries later Zakarians defeted Saharmens and united Bagaran with it nearby territories to their Barony. In 1236 Bagaran captured by Mongols. In 1394 Bagaran was destroyed by Lenktemur.

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