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Maps of Medieval Armenia and Its Neighbours

The Maps of Medieval (middle ages) Armenia and its Neighbors

Arsacid Armenia (Arshaguоni, Arshakuni, Arshaguni)

Armenia Early Middle AgesArmenia during the Early Middle Ages
Arsacid Armenia Arshakunyan Arshagounian map Arsacid Armenia
 byzantine armenia map 378 536Map of the Byzantine Armenia 378-536
 Byzantine Persian Armenia 387 591Map of the Persian Armenia and Byzantine Armenia 387-591

Bagratid Armenia

Bagratid Armenia during the 9th-10th centuries map by Robert HewsenBagratid Armenia during the 9th-10th centuries – cartographer  Robert Hewsen
Bagratid-Armenia Kingdom 9th-11th centuriesBagratid Armenia map during the 9th-11th centuries

Kingdom of Vaspurakan

vaspurakan kingdomKingdom of Vaspurakan from 908 to 1021 AD

Kingdom of Syunik

Kingdom of SyunikKingdom of Syunik

Cilician Armenia

 Cilician Armenia Map Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia from 1199 to 1375 AD

Zaqarian Armenia

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