Aram Manukian (Segei Hovhanessian) (Zeiva, nr Ghapan, Zangezur 1879 — Yerevan 1919) Educated Shushi and Yerevan. Leading Dashnaktsakan. To Baku in 1901 to organize the Armeinan workers. In 1903 to Yelizavetpol (Ganja; Gandzak) to set up Armenian self-defence. Travelled on to Kars. To Van in 1904. Taught in Ordu after 1908 Ottoman constitution. Returned to Van in late 1912. In 1915, along with

Armenak Yekarian, organized the Van self-defence. Governor of Vaspurakan during Russian occupation. To Tiflis after Russian withdrawal. Sent by the National Council to Yerevan in 1918. ‘Dictator of Ararat region’ May-July 1918′ with others he organized the defences against the invading Turks. Held by Dashnaks to be the founder to the Republic of Armenia. Minister of the interior and of supplies in the government of Kachaznuni. Died 19 January 1919, of typhus.