Ghazaros Aghayan (1840 -1911)

Ghazaros Aghayan

Ghazaros Aghayan was born in Bolnis-Khachen ( present Georgia) – an outstanding Armenian writer-democrat, the teacherand the public figure. Ghazaros Aghayan has been translated compositions of Pushkin Aleksandr Sergeevich and Krylov Ivan Andreevich.

Aghayan was the largest Armenian teacher supported democratization of education. He demanded clearing school of influence of clergy and its transfer to hands of people. He has made textbooks of the Armenian language, works on education, a technique of teaching of the Armenian language, textbooks for the Armenian school.

Aghayan has based children’s magazine “Ahpur” ( “Spring” since 1883 and up to 1891 supervised over its edition ).
Aghayan was the author of the popular grant for elementary education ” Maireni lezu ” ( ” The Native word “; 4 parts, with 1875,were published over 40 years ).
Ghazaros Aghayan is the maternal grand-grandfather of Russian comedy movie director and writer Anatoliy Eiramdzhan  and father of wife famous paintist Martiros Saryan. 

Ghazaros Aghayan died in Tiflis at the age of 71.


  • 1867 – “Arutiun and Manvel” (The autobiographical novel)
  • 1872 – “Two sisters ” (The novel social)
  • 1888 – “Torg-Angeh” (poems)
  • 1893 – “The Main Events of My Life ” ( Memoirs)
  • 1881 – “ANAIT” (fairy tale)
  • 1887 – “AREGNAZAN” (fairy tale)
  • 1908 – “AREVIK” (educational book)

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