Movses Khorenatsi  (Khorenatzi) (Armenian: Մովսես Խորենացի) was an Armenian historian who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD.

Movses Khorenatsi
Movses Khorenatsi

He was an author of the one of the earliest known historiographical works on the history of Armenia. He wrote the book “The History of Armenia”  at the behest of Prince Sahak Bagratuni. Movses Khorenatsi’s work holds particular significance because it contains unique material on the old oral traditions in Armenia before its conversion to Christianity and, more important, traces Armenian history from Movses’ day to its origins. For his important contribution in development of Armenian historiography Movses Khorenatzi is considered to be the “father of Armenian history” (պատմահայր).

Movses Khorenatsi was born in the village of Khorni (Khoron and Khoronk) in the Armenian province of Taron sometime in 410(There is also other version, that he was born in the Armenian province of Syunik, in the village of Khorena in the region of Harband).

He received his education in Syunik and later continued it in Alexandria (Egypt).

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