Acknowledging the Past, Healing the Future: Remembering the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide - Tree of Life

The Armenian people, who have resided continuously on their historic lands from time immemorial, have endured immense suffering over many centuries under various conquerors, invaders, and rulers, including the last of the Ottomans and the Young Turks. While some Armenians, such as Abraham Pasha, Gabriel Noradunkyan, and the Dadian family, achieved high positions and played key roles in the economic growth and prosperity of the empire through their contributions in sectors like banking, trade, and munitions, the majority of the Armenian population, especially those in their historic lands, faced severe discrimination, harassment, repression, and disrespect, compounded by heavy levies from those they had enriched. Despite this, they were not protected or granted equal rights and freedoms; instead, they were deemed unworthy of living as Armenians and Christians by these rulers. A grievous crime was committed against the entire nation, causing irreparable damage. Today, acknowledging and remembering the truth of these events is crucial—not to assign blame or seek retribution, but to ensure that such crimes are never overlooked or repeated. This awareness should unify not only Armenians but also all people against those who seek to divide and weaken us.

By Smbat Minasyan

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