Avetis Aharonian ( Igdir 1866 – Marseilles 1948 ) Educated at Gevorgian seminary, Echmiadzin. Taught 1886-96, mainly in Igdir. Became active member of Dashnak party. Higher education in Lausanne and Paris, 1898-1901. Returned to Transcaucasia; pursued journalistic and literary labours. Appointed in 1906 to the board of Droshak (‘Flag’), official journal of Dashnaktsutiun. Headmaster of Nersesian Academy, Tiflis, 1907-9. Arrested and jailed successively in Metekh, Baku, Rostov and Novo Cherkask. Developed lung condition. Bribed his way out of jail in 1911; escaped to Europe via Constantinople. Settled in Switzerland, maintaining links with Caucasian press. Returned to Transcaucasia 1916.

Avetis Aharonian

One of the organizers of the Armenian National Congress (September 1917), which elected the National Council. President (speaker) of the Parliament of the Republic of Armenia. Delegated to confer with Ittihadist leaders in Constantinople, June 1918. Appointed permanent delegate at the Paris peace conference, 1919. Signed the treaty of Sevres on behalf of the Republic of Armenia, August 1920. Stayed on during negotiations leading to treaty of Lausanne (July 1923), at which he protested. Settled in Marseilles. Paralysed by a stroke while giving a speech in February 1934; an invalid for the rest of his life.