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Viktor Hambardzumyan

Viktor Hambardzumyan (1908-1996)

Viktor Hamazasp Hambardzumyan (Վիկտոր Համբարձումյան) – Famous scientist, astronomer, astrophysicist and one of the founders of the field of theoretical astrophysics. Viktor Hambardzumyan was born

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Koryun historian


Koryun (Կորյուն) was an Armenian historian who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD. He received his early education under Mesrob Mashtots and continued

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Monte Melkonyan (Melkonian)

Monte Melkonyan

Biography of Monte Melkonyan (Melkonian) Monte Melkonyan born in Visalia (November 25, 1957  was killed June 12, 1993), California and educated at Berkely, was a

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