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Andranik Margaryan

andranik margaryan

Andranik Margaryan was born in June 12, 1951, in Yerevan

Education – 1967-1972 Technical Cybernetics Department of Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, qualified as a Computer Engineer

Career Experience – 1972-74 Science Fellow, later Senior Engineer in Yerevan Branch of Union Scientific Research Institute of Gas Industry
1977-78 Senior Engineer in Scientific Research Institute of Energy of Armenia
1978-79 Head of Electronic Computer Division in Electric-Technical Factory
1979-90 Head of Electronics Division in Republican Information-Computer Center at Ministry of Trade
1990-94 Head of Information Division in National Department for Special Programs
1994-95 Junior Science Fellow in State Engineering University of Armenia
1995-1999 Member of the First Convention of the National Assembly
From 1999 Member of the National Assembly, Head of “Unity” Faction
2000-2007 Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia
After the 2003 elections, Prime Minister A. Margaryan remained in office and headed the Coalition Government formed as a result of the elections.
On March 2007 passed away of a heart attack.

Party Membership – Republican Party of Armenia

Political Activities – Engaged in politics since 1965. From 1968, a member of the National United Party that operated illegally during Soviet times. A member of the NUP Board since 1973. Criticized the totalitarian Soviet system, defended the Armenian Cause, and expressed a vision for the future of the Armenian people in a democratic and independent state. Was arrested in 1974 and convicted to two years of imprisonment for the ideas he disseminated and the activities he conducted.
Starting from 1992, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA), which was the first party registered in the Republic of Armenia, inheriting the ideology of the National United Party. From 1993 to 1997, Chairman of the Board of the RPA. Chairman of the RPA from 1997 to 1999. Elected as Chairman of the Board again in 1999.
A member of the “Yerkrapah” Volunteer Union (YVU) since 1996; later, a member of the YVU board.

Rewards – On the 15th anniversary of Republic of Armenia Independence Day, in accordance with a decree signed by the RA President, was awarded Sourb Mesrop Mashtots order for outstanding contribution with respect to statehood building and economic development.
Also was decorated with V. Sargsyan and G. Nezhdeh medals of RA Ministry of Defense, V. Sargsyan order of the NEVU, Aram Manukian Medal of RA Police, F. Nansen Medal of Fridjof Nansen Foundation.

Personal Data – Married, has two daughters, one son, and five grandchildren

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