Garegin Ter-Harutyunyan – Nzhdeh

Garegin Ter-Harutyunyan - Nzhdeh

Garegin Ter-Harutyunyan – Nzhdeh was an Armenian statesman and military strategist

NZHDEH, General GAREGIN (G. Ter-Harutiunian) (Nakhichevan 1886 – Siberia 1957) Joined the Dashnak party in his teens. Enrolled in a military academy in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1905, at age of 19; graduated in 1907. Returned to Transcaucasia; imprisoned by tsarist authorities; escaped from jail in 1911 and sought refuge in Bulgaria. Joined Gen. Andranik’s brigade fighting in the 1912 Balkan war; served as a second lieutenant. Later given command of a Bulgarian brigade. To Transcaucasia in 1914; joined the Armenian volunteers. For two years adjutant to General Dro. Commander of the 3rd volunteer battalion. Fought with Gen. Nazarbekian at Karakilisa in the battle of Sardarabad, May 1918. One of the organisers of the republic’s army after independence. Appointed commander to suppress Tatar rebellion in Goghtan (Nakhichevan), autumn 1919. Commander in Karabagh and Zangezur in 1920. Fought Bolshevik and Tatar forces almost continuously from July 1920 to July 1921; commander-in-chief of Lernahayastan (Zangezur) April–July 1921. Crossed into Persia; thence to Bulgaria. Member of Dashnak Central Committee of Bulgaria. Invited by the US Central Committee to go to America as a field-worker in 1933. Formed Dashnak youth societies into H.H.D. Tseghakronner (= A.R.F. Race-devotees); name soon changed to Armenian Youth Federation of America. Expelled from Dashnak party for extreme views, though Dashnak papers continued to print his articles. To Berlin in 1942; member of the ‘Armenian National Council’. With Dro in the Crimea and North Caucasus. To Bulgaria in 1944. Sent to Siberia on capture by the Russians. Nzhdeh means ‘exile’.

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