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Demography, Policy, Economy, History



Statistics about the number of Armenian population of Caucasus in 19th-20th centuries

Ethnic Processes and Migration in the Caucasus

Demographic changes of Armenian population of Georgia and their political consequences (at 1918-since our days)

Historical, demographic and political maps of Samtskhe-Javakhk

Demonstrations of the last days and emigration from Armenia (Published: 27 June 2015) Armenian and English

Population of Third Republic of Armenia 


Policy and History

Հին և Նոր Հայաստանի անդունդում

“Armenians in the North Caucasus in 1918-1920" Yerevan, 2016 - Book - Armenian language

Everything is possible to do only there should be willpower and the courage to listen to the voice of the people (Published: 24 July 2016Armenian and English

"Armenians in the forces of the Anti-Soviet State Formations of the South of Russia in 1918-1920", “Questions of Armenian History” 2014 

“Armenians of Sochi and Russia”, (Materials of international scientific-practical conference), Russia 2012 

“Armenian Refugees in North Caucasus 1918-1920” published summary of PhD  thesis, Smbat Minasyan –2010

“Question of repatriation of Armenian refugees after reestablishment of Soviet power in North Caucasus”, (Mkhitar Gosh, scientific-methodical review social sciences) 2010

“Migration of Armenians to North Caucasus 1918”, (The problems of the history of Armenia, a collection of scientific articles, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Institute of History) 2009

“Armenians of Sochi and Voluntary Army, 1918-1920”, (Scientific journal, Kavkazskiy Zbornik, Moscow) 2008

“Migration of Armenian refugees from North Caucasus to Armenia (1918-1920)”, (Scientific practical journal, Bulletin of Armenian Archives, Yerevan) 2007

“Armenian- Relations of Russia and the problem of Armenian population of Sochi region,1918-1920” (Scientific practical journal, Bulletin of Armenian Archives, Yerevan) 2006 

First coins with Armenian words

2004 Students’ report collection in “Civil Education Program” of YSU – April 17-18, 2004 Yerevan “The conflict of Karabakh” Armenian language


Other authors

Borders of Caucasian Albania and Artsakh (Karabakh).  Ethnic history of Artsakh - Russian language

Artsakh Meliqutyuns (principalities) and creation of Karabakh Khanate (Khanutyun) Armenian language

Armenian Kurdish Relations in the Era of Kurdish National Movements (1830-1930)

Cilicia Under French Mandate, 1918-1921- The French Administration, The Armenian Legion, Economy and Health care , Social and Political life, The Thorny road to independence

The Republic of Armenia 1918-1921 -  Domestic Politics