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                            History of Armenia Armenian History

Chronology of Armenian History - Timeline


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Historical Periods

Ancient Armenia

Hayasa - One of the ancient Armenian Kingdoms

The Kingdom of Urartu

(legends) The Beginnings of Armenia

Armenia as Xenophon saw it

Alexander the Great and his Successors

Artashesian and Zarehian Kingdoms of Armenia

Artashesian dynasty

Tigran the Great - One of the Greatest Armenian Kings

Armenian legions in Roman army Unknown History from Smbat Minasyan

Armenian heavy cavalry (AYRUDZI) Unknown History from Smbat Minasyan

Middle Ages

Armenia in 4th century

Armenia in 5th century

Armenia during 5th-6th centuries

Armenia during 7th-8th centuries

Armenia during 9th-11th centuries

Cilician Armenia 11th-14th centuries

An Armenian woman on the Islamic throne

Armenian boys recruited to fight for Islam - Janissaries (Yanichars)

Artsakh Meliqutyuns (principalities) and creation of Karabakh Khanate (Khanutyun) Armenian language

The Armenian heroes of the Hungarian war of independence in 1848-49ENGLISH / ARMENIAN

Kingdom of Vaspurakan

 20th Century

Cilicia Under French Mandate, 1918-1921- The French Administration, The Armenian Legion, Economy and Health care, Social and Political life, The Thorny road to Independence
Artsakh Chronicle (Chronology) - The list of the most important events (Karabakh war)
Armenian Military Emblem - Description and pictures

History of Armenian Diaspora (Spyurq, Colonies)


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