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Armenian History from ancient times to modern days. Known and Unknown facts about the History of Armenia and Armenian People. Armenian Highland, Western and Eastern Armenia, Armenian culture, religion, kingdoms and principalities, kings and queens, unknown history.

Kingdom of Syunik

The Kingdom of Syunik (Սյունիքի թագավորություն), was one of the medieval Armenian kingdoms. It was located on the territory of Syunik, Artsakh, Gardman and Gegharkunik.

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Kingdom of Vaspurakan

Kingdom of Vaspurakan (Վասպուրական) was one of the Medieval Armenian Kingdoms.  This kingdom’s territory was almost equal with the Greater Armenia Vaspurakan province territory. Located in

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Hayasa (Hayasa-Azzi)

Hittite inscriptions deciphered by E. Forrer testify to the existence of a mountain country, the Hayasa, lying around the Lake of Van. Hayasa or Khayasa

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