William Saroyan (1908-1981)

william saroyan

William Saroyan (born Aug. 31, 1908, Fresno, Calif., U.S. — died May 18, 1981, Fresno) was an Armenian-American writer and dramatist. Saroyan was the largely self-educated son of an Armenian immigrant. He made his initial impact during the Depression with brash, original, and irreverent stories celebrating the joy of living in spite of poverty, hunger, […]

Ghazaros Aghayan (1840 -1911)

Ghazaros Aghayan

Ghazaros Aghayan was born in Bolnis-Khachen ( present Georgia) – an outstanding Armenian writer-democrat, the teacherand the public figure. Ghazaros Aghayan has been translated compositions of Pushkin Aleksandr Sergeevich and Krylov Ivan Andreevich. Aghayan was the largest Armenian teacher supported democratization of education. He demanded clearing school of influence of clergy and its transfer to hands […]

Sergei Parajanov (1924-1990)

Sergei Parajanov photo

Sergei Parajanov was an Armenian film director, artist and screenwriter who made significant contribution to world cinema with his films. Sergei Parajanov (Սերգեյ Փարաջանյան; Сергей Иосифович Параджанов;) was born on the January 9, 1924, in Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR, to an ethnic Armenian family. His father was Iosif Parajanian and his mother was Siranush Bejanian. In […]


Koryun historian

Koryun (Կորյուն) was an Armenian historian who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD. He received his early education under Mesrob Mashtots and continued it in Byzantium. In 432 Koryun returned to Armenia. Later, he was appointed as a Bishop of Georgia. Koryun was one of the translators of the Bible into the Armenian […]

Ghazar Parpetsi

Ghazar Parpetsi

Ghazar Parpetsi (Ղազար Փարպեցի)  was an Armenian historian who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD. He was born in the village of Parpi in Armenia. Owing to the close ties he held with the Mamikonian family, following the defeat of the Armenians at the battle of Avarayr in 451, Ghazar moved to the […]

Tigran Sargsyan

Tigran Sargsyan

Prime Minister of Republic of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan was bon on January 29, 1960 in Kirovakan (Vanadzor) town, Armenia.

Movses Khorenatsi

Movses Khorenatzi

Movses Khorenatsi  (Khorenatzi) (Armenian: Մովսես Խորենացի) was an Armenian historian who lived in Armenia during the 5th century AD. He was an author of the one of the earliest known historiographical works on the history of Armenia. He wrote the book “The History of Armenia”  at the behest of Prince Sahak Bagratuni. Movses Khorenatsi’s work […]